Mapping What Matters Most Reboot Live | Part 1 | Episode #165

Aaron McHugh


Last year, we held two Reboot Experience Workshop and took people on an inward journey to answer big questions like what do you want in life? And How do I find my path to a well-lived joyful life? Today’s podcast is from session #1 from Reboot Live last October 2017.

Check out what Rob Bell had to say about our Reboot weekend on his Robcast Episode #170 (click to listen).

Last October we hosted our second Reboot Experience live event in Colorado Springs. 46 brave souls attended the two and half-day transformational workshop.
A surprise yoga class to facilitate challenging questions like “How do you handle discomfort and surprises in life?”
We went deep into life maps creating dashboards to visualize our current state of health within our relationships, careers, finances and personal health.
Leith helped us get practical with how to declutter your life and simplify your closet and your calendar.
We used a backpack as an illustration for the heaviness that we electively carry in our lives-our stuff, our choices and sometimes relationships. Garden of Gods made for a great setting to trade carrying a light pack or the heavy one.
Reboot was full of surprises, joy, adventure, experiential learning, meaningful conversations and deep personal transformation.
Life Dashboard are a tool to create a Green (good), Yellow (caution), Red (critical) visual dashboard for your life in key categories like Health, Spiritual connection, Money, Relationships, Work and Play.
The Periodic Table of ingredients of my life. Raw Materials combined to make me.

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