Marinate-The Juices of Life

Aaron McHugh

Soak, absorb, take-in, become, slow, the longer-the-better.

Much in life becomes better with age or in time.  The more time, the more the juices can be absorbed.  In life, business, family we tend to move so fast that we are unable to absorb and fully become conformed by our experiences.  We are always eager for the next thing.  And as a result, we rarely marinate in only one place, theme, thought, or season.  In essence we skip the aging process and deep flavor available to us because we’d rather just keep moving.

Marinating requires stillness.  The good stuff will never take its full effect if we don’t slow down long enough to take it into our veins.

This goes for pain as well.  Our survival nature prompts us to hurry past pain.  Of course, right?  But what if the lessons, the wisdom available from the experiences can’t be taught or the seasoning can’t infiltrate the core unless marinating occurs?

The juices of life can’t all be absorbed thru a blender, a microwave, a pill or a speed read.  Some of it, the best of it, just has to be experienced.  Sometimes on a slow simmer and soak.

What should you marinate in today?

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