Why we should become like both a Mercenary and a Missionary

Aaron McHugh

I first heard of this contrast between a Mercenary and a Missionary from Mike Rowe-Dirty Jobs .  I find it fascinating.

Mercenary-Paid to fight, without the requirement of involving their heart.

Missionary-Making a difference that flows from their heart and beliefs.

These are over simplifications but let’s start here.

A Mercenary is compensated for a battle won, a hill taken,  a conquest, an enemy defeated.  They are not required to care about the reason for the fight, nor believe in the mission.  They offer a robotic allegiance.  “Give me money and I will give you a result”.

A Missionary is fiercely committed to the cause and is sustained by the deep belief inside of them.  They transform the world they live in by caring for those they feel called to serve.

Both the Mercenary and Missionary are prone to go to extremes.  An extreme willingness to conquer and an extreme commitment to provide relief.

What if our work should be a poetic combination of both?

What if you offered the conquest performance of the Mercenary combined with the heart of a Missionary?

Leaving behind the shortcomings of each.

How would this transform you?  Your world?  Your team? Your customers? Your life?

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