How to Become Emotionally Fit with Miles Adcox, CEO of Onsite Episode #31

Aaron McHugh


Would it be OK with you if I start this blog post with a vulnerable admission? I’m pretending to myself that each of you just graciously said, “Of course, Aaron.”

I’m nervous to write to you about today’s podcast because it is so deeply personal. I’m trusting that by getting real with you we can actually share a better connection. Gulp…

If you love Dr. Brene’ Brown’s pioneering work on shame and vulnerability (watch her TED Talk here), then you already have a kindred spirit with the work that happens at Onsite. My friend Miles Adcox is the CEO of Onsitean intensive workshop-based therapeutic center. He leads this sacred place, with special people that have helped rescue my life, my marriage, my career, and the lives of my family. I can’t help but choak up with tears writing to you, my friends, about the gifts that Onsite has given our family.

Earlier this year, I reluctantly attended one of Onsite’s week-long intensive therapy programs. I say reluctantly because I had exhausted every other option and was desperate for help. I found myself depressed, anxious, easily overwhelmed, and losing hope in all areas of my life. The truth is that if it were not for my wife and son both attending Onsite programs before me, I don’t know that I would have conjured the courage to seek out their help.

Too Much Life Happened

As I write this, I’m trusting that you too have experienced times in your life when your internal engine was misfiring. Worse than a misfire, my engine blew a gasket and I was stuck in the ditch with four flat tires. Driving my hopelessness, I could not figure out the root cause of my breakdown.

In today’s podcast, Miles and I exchange our passion about becoming emotionally fit. I won’t kid you, not everyone has the courage to walk into their own life’s story and receive help. I didn’t until I was left with no other alternative. Fast-forward four months after returning from my week at Onsite and I am a different man. My internal engine still spits and sputters occasionally. The difference is I now have the tools and a preventative maintenance plan to keep my life moving forward in a direction I desire.

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Quick Podcast Highlights from Miles:

  • Understand the necessity of developing your EQ (emotional intelligence) to live, love, parent, and lead well.
  • Hear how the doorway of pain has become one of Miles’s biggest gifts in life.
  • How to develop harmony in the narrative of Who You Are and What You Do For a Living.
  • Why creating new healing experiences can counteract life’s negative experiences.
  • How the work of Donald Miller and Brene’ Brown will give you insights into how Onsite can help you live out the best version of your story.
  • Why a subtle two-degree shift in our actions and beliefs can improve the trajectory of our life.
  • What if we lead from the places that we formerly hid our shortcomings and flaws?


About Miles Adcox

Miles Adcox is the CEO of Onsite, an intensive workshop-based therapeutic center and host of FOX’s The Daily Helpline. Passionate about helping others and leading people to positive change, Miles has founded and managed multiple counseling and trauma centers and recovery programs. Miles speaks nationally on various topics including “leadership from within,” organizational health, and emotional wellness. Miles lives in Nashville and works frequently with the music industry to help coordinate and provide coaching, consulting, and other services for those in need. He has been a featured guest expert on The Dr. Phil Show, The Doctors, A&E’s Intervention, and is an expert in trauma, codependency, emotional wellness, and family systems.

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