Why Our Nanosecond Love Affairs Won’t Last?

Aaron McHugh


We live in a world where time is now measured in nanoseconds.

Every few nanoseconds, a new alert pops up on our screen and our attention is diverted to this nanosecond’s interruption.

We invite the interruption.

Somebody follows us, somebody likes our picture or somebody favorites our Yelp post from that cool hipster restaurant we visited last week.

It’s easy to get some love, but it has never been more difficult to maintain the love.

Nanosecond love affairs

Think of it.

How many times do we find a new band, a song, a blog writer, or news article and we offer all our love.

Then a nanosecond later we are onto our next love affair.

There is an unending stream of new (fill in the blank) begging for our attention.

Nanoseconds of fleeting love, then our screen flashes and we move onto our next love affair.


Sustainability should still be the goal.

It’s exhilarating to get “liked” or “followed” right?

Or at least it feels like a nice gesture of confidence or appreciation.

Competing for attention has never been more difficult.

Simultaneously the opportunity for reach has never been greater.

How will we leverage the greatest opportunity in history (reach) with the problematic challenge of unending choice every nanosecond?

How will we find a few sustainable lovers?