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Necks and Shoulders: Which Do You Stand On?

Aaron McHugh

We have two choices: 1) We can stand on the shoulders of the giants who’ve gone before us paving the way for our accomplishments. We’re proud and humbled in appreciation as we sit a little taller and gain a head start as we go further.

2) We stand on other’s necks instead of their shoulders to get ahead, we thrust others down so we can fight our way to the front or to the top. We technically “win,” but we inwardly feel ashamed, or should feel ashamed for our dastardly deeds.

If you’re in a game where the person who steps on the most necks win, you’re in a game not worth playing. Become the kind of person who searches for opportunities to be lifted onto the shoulders of those giants who’ve paved the way. Stand taller, be earnest and risk losing the games where weak neck breakers rule.

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