No Substitute for Real Relationships (not social media)

Aaron McHugh

There is no substitute or alternative to relationships, real human connection and understanding.

Social media can be confused as a substitute or mechanism to create real sustainable relationships.  The “Like” button is not the same as liking a person whom you’d spend an afternoon with.  Yet, I believe our younger brothers and sisters of society are missing this distinction.

The Social media revolution has driven the Age of Acquaintances connecting real people throughout the globe.  But being acquainted is not the same as being known.

I have met many amazing people through social media.  And yet I do not “know” them.  We exchange an email or tweet or even Skype (more human connection).  Being in the presence of another person, in the same room, using your voice (not text) to speak to each other… that is entirely different.

Turn off your computer, your phone, your iPad and walk over and have a conversation with a co-worker, a friend, your spouse, your neighbor, the cashier at the car wash.

Be curious.  People have a story to tell a lot of which will never be printed.  Dare to be more human today.

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