Non-Essential Personnel

Aaron McHugh

On snowy weather days here on the Front Range of Colorado, it is not uncommon for our schools and offices to have a two hour delay added to the normal morning start schedule.  When you turn on the TV/Radio you will hear the announcer say “The following schools and businesses are closed or on a two-hour delay……

My favorite part is when she says “All Non-Essential Military Personnel, need not report“.


Does that mean all of the people that don’t really do anything all day, we can live without you today, so go ahead and stay home?

I have three questions for you.

What did you do today that is entirely replaceable, outsource-able, non-creative, unimportant, and non-essential?

What percentage of your day did that occupy?

Should you come back tomorrow or just stay home with the other non-essential personnel?

Dare to be essential.

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