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How Not To Be Eaten By Sharks or People

Aaron McHugh

I see a lot of similarities between people and sharks. Sharks instinctually protect their environment. This time of year on the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, Tiger Shark momma’s are scouring the shoreline for safe places to lay their eggs. Simultaneously on shore, the Willi Willi tree blossoms it’s orange flowers to warn locals to stay out of the water.

Going into the ocean for a casual swim doesn’t register for a Tiger Shark. Our presence in their habitat provokes a natural protective response.

I also see how people instinctually protect and preserve what’s theirs. If you step on their nest, they bite. If you go in the water when they are feeding, they bite. Threatening people’s self-preservation triggers their automatic survival responses.

Eat. Run. Fight. Survive.

Staying out of the ocean when the sharks are feeding and laying eggs is wise. Maybe the same goes for people? When food is scarce, the future is uncertain, and people feel threatened, either get out of the water or be ready to be bitten.

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