Not For Sale. How Not to Sell Out

Aaron McHugh

Cabo San Lucas-Mexico
Cabo San Lucas-Mexico NOT FOR SALE


This message screams to every entrepreneurial tourist from the hillside of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Not For Sale

Why does this landowner feel compelled to post a 15″ x 92″ billboard facing the Pacific Ocean bay with capital letters stating his position?  I think I know why.  Put yourself in the landowner’s shoes for a minute.  He is saving a hundred phone calls from needing to be returned or ignored.

Here is the scene

Every rich guy that comes for seven days of self-indulgence sees this choice plot of dirt (see below picture) and cannot imagine that a shantytown would occupy this hillside

I’m going to call that guy and offer him a price he can’t refuse.

1784 phone calls later, the land owner must have cussed his way through painting this sign NO se Vende.  I laugh thinking that most of the phone calls likely came in English and his native tongue adds the explanation mark he intends.

Isn’t there something honorable about saying “Not For Sale”?  In a world where everything is for sale, there is still one guy who is saying NO.

You can’t have what is mine.  It’s too valuable to me.

I’d rather hang a hammock and drink a cooler of beer with my buddies than take your money.  

I am already wealthy in relationships, lifestyle and fulfillment. 

Go buy another plot of dirt and build your hotel. 

This one is No Se Vende. 

The view from next door-Pacific Ocean

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