Passion and the probability of success

Aaron McHugh

Without passion, how will you be successful on your next project, your startup, your next …..?

Very few people are willing to hang their neck out on the limb of passion.

Most, would rather play it safe in the shelter of the safety of someone else’s.

With Passion, your probability of success is exponentially greater.

A fervent belief fueled by the rocket boosters of passion is difficult to duplicate, emulate or fake.

You either have it or you don’t.

If you pull a lever every day, then it is likely that you are resting under the umbrella of someone else’s plan.  Which can be very difficult and often those you are following have long since lost the passion that started their quest.

A good friend of mine has hung a shingle and issued a warning against the industry he is accusing of profit focus and not passion.  Buffalo and Company (about to become Buffalo and Jackson Company).   Xan is bringing passion and belief into a shallow shell of an industry-men’s clothing.  How can he not succeed?

Do you know how many times Howard Shultz heard from potential investors “no one will ever pay $3.00 for a cup of coffee”?  Starbucks founder, now has 12,494 stores worldwide.  How ’bout them apples?

What do you have passion for in your life today?  @ work? away from work? with your family? life goals?

See my latest encounter with Stefan Loble, founder of Bluff Works.  You will love his passion and excitement.  Click here for the full Podcast Interview.  

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