Permission Slip to Fail and The Voice of Empathy

Aaron McHugh

I think you might be able to relate to this story. I get quickly bummed out when I make mistakes. Living out loud for the world to see amplifies the smallest blunder.

Yesterday, I accidentally sent you the same email from last week. When I goof up, I can quickly start hearing the old tapes start playing from my Greatest Hits of Dysfunctional Beliefs

“Dude-you did it again. Nobody is going to take you seriously if you keep fumbling the ball. You should stick to selling technology and leave this writing and speaking thing to the pros.”

I can laugh about it now.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about upgrading my self-talk chatter.

  • I recognized the tapes automatically start playing.
  • I acknowledged the facts and quickly asked this question, “What would the voice of empathy and understanding say to me?”

EMPATHY “Aaron, you are juggling a lot right now.
Just tell your friends what happened.”

Friends, like you I am inching forward and learning as I go. The best part of making mistakes is owning them and moving forward quickly.

Thanks for being apart of this journey together. And thank you for the permission slip to fail with grace.

Keep going,


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