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Play More with Your Kids: Scooter Hero’s in Denver

Aaron McHugh

Averi & I Scooter Hero's

Scooters in Denver

I never play enough, but when I do it’s usually pretty sweet.

The irony is that I love to talk about playing but I actually spend more time dreaming about it than actually doing it.

Although my play plots low on the line graph for overall time spent each year, I’m told I’m pretty good at it.

My daughter and I hit the road this summer and meandered across the Front Range of Colorado for 48 hours.   I’ve done this a lot with my son over the years but my daughter and I had never dirt-bagged it together like this.

We hit the Denver Natural History Museum, road-side camped above Boulder, swam in the historic El Dorado Springs pool and rented a scooter in downtown Denver for a couple of hours.

We had no real plan

None of this was planned. We just moved from one idea to the next and let the day unfold. The truth is I/we pray a lot about what the next step should be.   It’s not always crystal clear but a lot of the times it’s perfectly evident which path we should pursue.

Found on Yelp

I’m a big Yelp fan when it comes to finding where-to-eat and in this case renting a scooter (what I would have originally called a moped-old school I guess?).

Here is what I loved about Dave at ScootoursDenver, he started the business for fun.  Dave started the company because he had always had ideas swirling around in his head for companies to start or ideas to launch and he choose to just do it.

The bottom line

We romped around downtown Denver on a hot summer day for hours. We rode through city parks, stopped for lunch, shot video and had a phenomenal daddy-daughter experience together.  Check out the photo gallery below.

Don’t make playing so hard.

Just go for it.

If you’re ever in Denver, check out Dave’s ScooToursDenver.

Keep going.