Our Powerful Possibilities of Tomorrow

Aaron McHugh

I used to believe there was a silver bullet, a perfect moment, a portal of time that opened waiting to transport me into my desired future reality. Contrary to my imagination, I’ve discovered there is power in simple steps of action decoupled from the pressure and demands of outcomes. Each activity forms a strand of DNA connecting to the previous creation, daring act or fractional tilt towards your desired destination.

I’ve met people who don’t think about their actions, they just act. I’ve met those who calculate every move like Bobby Fisher during a chess match, and they too make a move. The likeness is within the action, the movement and the power of beginning.

Momentum requires action. Fine tuning requires action. Resilience involves movement. The magic potion is concocted the instant our commitment, our desire and our action meet to create our powerful possibilities of tomorrow.

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