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Rent a Bike For a Big City Adventure

Aaron McHugh

Today, I rented a CitiBike for the second time in New York City for a whopping $13.56. My friend Jack and I rode from Long Island City, across the 59th Street Bridge, up to 91st and into Central Park. We parked our bikes, jogged around the reservoir, had a conversation about God and “Higher Power” and rode back to his apartment.

Round trip, we were less than two hours. It was an amazing way to see NYC. Download the Mobile app here.

In a world of endless choice, it is easy to choose to do nothing new. Next time you’re in Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and New York rent a bike for a quick, easy, convenient, simple, local, and exhilarating adventure.

Big City Bike Rental Resources:

Chicago Divvy Bike share program

Ford GoBike rentals in San Francisco

Lime Bikes in Denver area

CitiBike in New York City

Bonus adventure addition: Redondo Beach 

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