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Searching For Walter Mitty’s Slide #25

Aaron McHugh

We found a new trail today. Dave looked it up on satellite view where he could trace the outline coming down the ridgeline. Our plan was hatched. Parking lot-10:30. We ran until our noses detected the desired detour and we headed up. We scrambled, hacked and climbed the wrong way. At a clearing, we could see across a ravine, our new path.

We both love the movie, A Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We share a mantra phrase together inspired by the movie, “Searching for slide #25”. Walter spends most of the movie chasing down leads, accumulating a resume of “Been there and done that’s” to find the “quintessence of life” missing slide #25 for the final cover issue of Time Magazine.

Walter’s life gets redeemed because slide #25 went missing.

Dave and I pretend that slide #25 is mythically true and specifically the reason to explore detours and hunches. Chasing slide #25 is becoming a way of life for each of us.

I hope I never find it so that I can keep having an excuse to keep searching.

I hope you’ll go searching for slide #25 in your life with the people you love most.

Photo Credit: Chasing Slide #25 Dave Eitemiller in Wind River Range Wyoming

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