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Soulful work that took me ten years to finish

Aaron McHugh

“Be who you really are and go the whole way”.

In 600 B.C., I think what Lao Tzu was getting at when he wrote that sentence was something like

  • Get comfortable in your own skin
  • Embrace all of your life including the muck, the mundane and the beauty
  • Once you learn to know and love yourself, both your superpowers and your imperfections, then stand up, be counted, and say, “This is ME” 

Friends, at age 47, after prioritizing my heart, body, mind, and soul for the past decade, I’ve gone the whole way in writing my new book, Fire Your Boss: Discovering work you love, without quitting your job. It’s about making a ruckus at work-and in your life, getting out of your way, and being more human. Wholehearted. Courageous. Bold. Alive. 

And I need your help.
Would you consider ordering a copy-a couple of copies today?
Why should you order my book?

We need more humans to wake up to their life, and my stories and my big heart will help facilitate that awakening. 

Last nudge
Please don’t wait until January 14th when it’s released. In the world of publishing, pre-orders and Amazon reviews matter, which means that they get behind what already has momentum. The more pre-sales activity a book has, the more Amazon and other booksellers will promote it-which translates to reaching many more hearts and minds.  

Keep going friends and much love from snowy Colorado, 

PS. Yes, that’s me in the picture in the Superman costume circa 1979. My brother Matt is Batman 😆. PSS. Join the analog revolution in 2020

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