Start Doing the Job You Wish You Had

Aaron McHugh

On the Lookout
On the Lookout

There is only one you.

I spoke with a friend this week that was recently hired as an Estate Manager in Beverly Hills, CA.

He was responsible for hosting Hollywood’s upper echelon on Christmas Eve.

Four years ago he was driving golf carts.

Trust me he did not think he would be managing an executive’s estate when he was running at 5 am with the wife of Mr. Mergers and Acquisitions from one of the largest banks in the world.

He was simply being himself: honest, reliable, brilliant, and personable.

He always added that polish of perfection.

But guess what happen when she went home after the best run of her year.
“Honey you know how hard you say it is to find good people?  Have you considered (insert your name)?  He/She is so (insert your talent, skill, Art)”

It turns out if you do the (job/Art) long enough then people cannot help themselves from hiring/paying you.

Guess what?

There was no job posting, no interview process, “I am only offering this to you because no one else can do this like you”.

His dad told him “It’s funny the harder I work, the luckier I get“.

Great advice Dad.

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