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Start New When the Old Stops Working

Aaron McHugh

Today I saw a sign for a divorce financial analyst. I’m guessing that means that he helps people during and after a divorce make sure they get a fair shake before the dust settles. I imagine that once upon a time that type of work was empowering and felt noble. In fact, I’m sure the work itself is significant and genuinely helps people navigate a complicated set of circumstances.

At what point does being good at your job intersect with being ready for a change? I know individuals who are good at what they do, in fact so good they feel like they can’t stop. The income they earn now after decades of becoming an expert has painted them into a corner.

Mr. Divorce analyst is probably tired of people squabbling over money. When I walk a few feet in his shoes, I think of how weary I would feel after my one thousandth customer served.

It is never too late to make a change.

We can lower our lifestyle commitments to make room for the freedom of choice to enter into our career options. Just because you’ve spent your whole life becoming an expert doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your life in that career field.

If you are happy with your achieved expertise and love your work, that’s great. Don’t stay in a job that lost its luster a long time ago. A lot of people change careers three and four times over their lifetime.

Do what you love. Find what you enjoy. Start new when the old stops working.

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