How Hours of Investment Improve Your Chance of Success?

Aaron McHugh

Accelerated success

Have you read Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell?

Malcolm’s research he found that by spending 10,000 hours in your craft, art, sport, profession or skill that investment can be a significant accelerator for success.

Translated that is equivalent to five years of a full-time forty hour work week.

We tend to say an Athlete or Artist or professional person makes it look easy.

Easy is very relative. 

Most people are never willing to invest the time it takes to arrive at that it looks easy point.

Showing up is not the same.

Doing the hard work is where the differentiation exists.

Am I willing, are you willing to invest the hours and do the work to become (fill in the blank)?

We tend to start with desires like I want to be a writer or I want to be wealthy or I want to be in a good shape.

The desire of obtaining the dream is too often far from the daily behavior.

Start today.

Put in the hours.

What are you going to start today?

6 thoughts on “How Hours of Investment Improve Your Chance of Success?

  1. Good thought Aaron.

    I agree with the “10,000 hours” philosophy… with one key difference…

    It’s not quite as easy as “putting in 10,000 hours” either, by themselves anyhow. It’s what you do in those hours, related to mastering whatever you’re trying to master… that counts.

    Getting a mentor, actually seeking to learn during all 10k of those hours (not thinking you’ve mastered something, being an eternal student of your craft etc…).

    And most importantly, practicing during those 10k hours… hard… with the willingness to sacrifice anything necessary during those hours that would be required.

    You never get rewarded with excellence if you’re anything less than excellent IMO.

    1. Joe-thanks for adding to the discussion. I agree. Apprenticeships are critical during the process of learning your craft and honing your skills. really good words.
      What is your craft? Art? and where are you in the process of the 10K hours?

      1. Well Aaron, I’m a direct response copywriter by trade, and interestingly enough have been doing it for just over 10 years…

        …and it wasn’t until just after the 10 year mark I landed my most lucrative contract. 🙂

        But I’m always a student of the craft, forever.

  2. I loved this book Aaron – although it caused huge discussions in my house about when you should allow a child to start “specializing”. I say NOW if the child is relatively sure what they want to do – one choice is as pod as another. Husband says not until they are are old enough to be sure they really want to do it. Which is… when? What are your thoughts on the age of specialization?

  3. Yes! There is no substitute for old fashioned shovel work. I used to resent the hours now something deeper knows – no shortcuts… thanks for the encouragement and shoveling side by side. M

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