Ten Thousand hours

Aaron McHugh

Have you read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell?

Here is a quick rule that he talks about. In short, the key to success is to spend ten thousand hours in your craft, art, sport, profession, or skill.

Translated that is equivalent to five years of a full-time forty hour work week.

Ten thousand hours - Aaron McHugh Work Life Play Podcast

We tend to say an Athlete or Artist or professional person makes it look easy. Easy is very relative. Most people are never willing to invest the time it takes to arrive at that “it looks easy” point.

Showing up is not the same. Doing the hard work is where the differentiation exists.

Am I willing, are you willing to invest the hours and do the work to become the (fill in the blank)?

We tend to start with desires like “I want to be a writer,” or “I want to be wealthy,” or I want to be in a good shape.”

The desire of the dream is all too often far from the daily behavior.

Start today. Put in the ten thousand hours. Become your desires.