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The Importance of Your How

Aaron McHugh

I’m watching the sun’s last shadow tuck behind the front range mountains, and remembering the importance of how we do what we do. My daughter and I just left our VW mechanic’s shop talking about how they are creatives more than mechanics. They know their craft well, but beyond their craftsmanship, there is an enthusiasm of reclamation. If you can dream it, they can build it.

There is too much emphasis on what we do, what we accomplish, what tasks we complete, and what conquest we achieve. The differentiator, the superpower, the unique selling proposition is how we do what we do.
Brave standing out.

Brave standing out.
Risk taking the road less traveled.
Stand up and be noticed.
Take a stance.
Don’t fit in.
Stop following the herd.
Believe that your enthusiasm is meaningful.
Go with your weird.

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