The People are the Plan

Aaron McHugh

Today, I met with an owner of a Convenience Store company who has been at the helm, or standing nearby while his son steers, for over 51 years. And when asked the question, “What do you care most about in the business today?” His answer?  ”The People”.

Yep. I heard it correctly. I asked again. “You mean, more than the new location that is under-performing or the new environmental regulation that may cost you millions, you care about The People?”

A simple, subtle, bashful ”Yes”.

He spent the morning with the three new hires. Their first day was today and he knew each of their names, and what position they are embarking on.  And whose shoes they were trying to fill.

His business plan for success for over 51 years when asked, “Has it always been about people?”  His answer “Well here is the proof. On my right, she’s been here for 17 years and on my right he has been here for 31 years”.

Smashing powerful! Just smashing.

Who believes today that “The People” are the plan?

With today’s technology, today’s pace, today’s low interest rates, today’s outsourcing?

Good people are irreplaceable. Good people make you look like a genius. Good people will make you wealthier than you can imagine, in your life and maybe even your bank account.

Don’t just slap it into your company mission statement. Don’t put it in your slides for the investors to see, “Why our team is worth investing in?”

Live it.  The People are the plan.  

*originally published Aug 2011, but am republishing.  Blog was in draft mode then.

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