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The Value of Breaking Even

Aaron McHugh

There is tremendous value in breaking even when you are experimenting. I used to think that breaking even was the same as saying, it failed or a zero-sum game. I’ve changed my mind. I now realize that this term should never be used when describing a prototype, a maiden voyage, an experiment or your first version.

Alex and JD @ Reboot maiden voyage May ’17

My wife and I launched our first Reboot live experience in May. We invested the same amount of money into the event that we collected in revenue. Using the term break even to describe the gain or loss of value would be, I’m reminding myself, a gross underestimation of value.

A more accurate assessment is

  • We pioneered the first ever Reboot live two-day event.
  • 35 brave people risked their time, attention and money.
  • We experimented with ideas and concepts in front of a live audience.
  • We helped reshape and improve Rebooter’s future lives.
  • We gained confidence and strength for our next event.
  • We now know what to improve and do better next time.

Ten more events down the road, I think we can revisit the idea of breaking even. While we are birthing something new and experimenting I think we should itemize every successful advancement and learn as valuable.

We are hosting Reboot 2.0 in October-wanna come?

Jon Dale giving his Three Reboots story
Adventure Reboot Excursions

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