No Cure For Bad Leadership

Aaron McHugh


Did you know there is no cure for bad leadership?

No amount of pointing out the errors of their ways or negotiating or attempting to improve your reactions will change them.

Leadership is everything.

The long-term outlook of an organization or a company will always be impacted by leadership.

There will be a shrinking return on our investment when we are under bad leadership.

A great attitude won’t fix it.

A positive mental attitude can influence a lot of things, but bad leadership is not one of them.

The up-side

Sitting under bad leadership can influence and shape us to become better leaders ourselves.

Once we know what we do not want to do, how we do not want to lead or what we know not to say, we become better for it.

5 thoughts on “No Cure For Bad Leadership

  1. Wow, poignant insights Aaron. And deadly true. Experiencing issues like this at the moment – stubborn leadership that is full of blame and jealousy of those who have strengths where the leader is weak. Rather than working with people the leader seems to cull the things that makes him feel insecure and bad about himself. Any insights as to what to do with a leader like that? haha.

  2. Sent a link to your site to two of my colleagues based on a quote from this post (“positive attitude…”) and they commented on the exact quote. We’re all involved in this exact situation right now, and these words communicate it precisely. Thanks!

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