The Third Way Episode #69

Aaron McHugh


I used to believe there were usually only two choices, Option #1 (the way I’ve always done it) or Option #2 (the way I don’t want to do it). I’ve discovered another option that I never knew existed. My wife and I have learned to call this alternative unforeseen option  The Third Way.

The Third Way is a possibility at all times. The Third Way, like my drawing, is out of view and often more mysterious and uncertain. In this podcast, I offer a few stories of how The Third Way has found a home in our lives.

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Off Script:

Camp on the WhiteHouse Lawn (photo credit Hipcamp)
Camp on the White House Lawn (photo credit Hipcamp)

From Hipcamp: Garden Lawn | Forest Estate Tent Camp

Camp on the White House lawn

Camp in the gardens of a forested villa and feel secluded from the hustle and bustle of city life… even though you’re in the beltway! 

Close to the river and tidal basin, this property provides great access to recreation and sightseeing opportunities, and has a great security setup to keep you safe from bears and wild tourists.

* Play fetch, or go for a walk with resident camp pups, Bo and Sunny
* Visit the adjacent ranch house for full bathroom amenities  
* Nearby points of interest include the Lincoln Memorial, The National Mall, The Library of Congress (world’s biggest library!), and the Washington Monument to name a few 
* American history buffs will love this camp

This camp is great for larger groups. Please practice Leave No Trace principals when visiting.

Book now before the summer fills up!

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