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We’re Going Analog Together

Aaron McHugh

The last frontier is your attention.

Let’s reject the unhealth of our modern world together and go analog together. Let’s slow down, savor more moments, and enjoy this gift of living by connecting. How?

I’m RUNNING AN EXPERIMENT by taking my email updates and going analog SNAIL MAIL baby!

For 2020, I am creating a quarterly printed snail-mailed newsletter.
That’s right like we used to do back in 1995. I might even find a local printing press shop to have them printed by real people, on real paper-stuff you can touch and smell and feel. Yep-Work Life Play field reports in your mailbox (yes, I mean the one you have to walk down the street to pick up). There will be surprises, stories, and reflections that last longer than a nanosecond swipe. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea and you need an excuse to slow down in life and shut out all of the digital noise. Please fill out the form here and provide your analog snail mailing address. 

Keep going,

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