What Do You Value Most? | Reboot Live Part 2 | Episode #166

Aaron McHugh


We asked big questions at our Reboot Live like what do you value most? This recording is from October 2017 live experiential weekend. We took a look at the values we hold and the the way we live our lives. Resulting in visibility into areas where our values and behaviours are in conflict.

What is Reboot?

Experiential two and a half days with fifty people redesigning your life, getting unstuck, and rediscovering your path to living a meaningful life.

When are you full of energy?

When somebody at work starts showing charts and graphs? When you meet new people at a cocktail party?

When your spouse drags you to a Reboot weekend?

When you have to work on a project alone?

On Friday at 3pm, for an all company meeting?

When you have a blank sheet of paper and a blinking cursor?

When are you happiest & content?

What do you love? vacations, days at the lake, when you are alone?

Do you love mornings? Late nights?

Do you love traveling? Staying home on a rainy day to read a book? Teaching kids to read? Teaching a new training course?

What’s in your pack? Is your life heavy or light? A backpack made for a perfect simulation for this big question

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