What Will Your Dent in the World Be?

Aaron McHugh

I turned 40 a few months back.

We lost a child eighteen months ago.

And the clock keeps ticking.

by Ryan Vaarsi (Creative Commons)

I just read about the shooting in Aurora, CO 60 miles up the road from us.

For some the world stopped.  For the rest of us it keeps turning.

What will our dent be?

How will we change the world that we live in that is noticeable after we are gone?

We know we don’t have forever.

And we should leave the world with a noticeable dent that can be attributed to our life.

What part of the world, our community, our school systems, our companies, our businesses will be changed for good because of our place in the story?

Live on purpose.  Start today.

Sunrise by HolleyandChris
(creative commons)
  1. Leave no good thing left unsaid
    It is easy to say bad things, complain, point out shortcomings.  It is much more difficult to say good things.  What good thing are you leaving unsaid?  What phone call should you make?  What letter should you write?  Recently I’ve told my wife how thankful I am that she loves me in spite of my many flaws.
  2. Turn off the TV and create something instead
    Have you ever made something with your kids?  Don’t know where to start?  How about the Dangerous Book for Boys/Girls?  How about that hand-made canoe you’ve dreamed about making since Scout camp when you were 12 years old?
  3. Write down your inner thoughts
    That voice that you hear inside, those ideas and dreams, write them down.  Don’t let them drift away into yesterday’s list of “I should have”.  Translate those inner workings into pen and paper.  Then revisit them.  Befriend them.  Challenge them.  Dare to live them out.
  4. Get in the Game
    Teddy Roosevelt said, “the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena….”  Get in the game.  What game are you watching as a spectator that you know you should be playing instead?
  5. Stop waiting for permission
    No one is going to give you permission or an invitation to say “Hey that great thing you’ve been contemplating, you should go ahead and start it”.  We all wish that call would come, but for most it does not.  You have all of the permission that you need.  Get going.

What part of the world are you going to change today?

20 thoughts on “What Will Your Dent in the World Be?

  1. You are a great example of living life this way. Thanks for inspiring us Aaron.

    Speaking of which…about that trip to Alaska :-).

    1. Alaska….Ok. Let’s start with a ride on your bike. The Adventure of it sounds awesome. Just need your nudges to get started. Thanks Jon. Good to be on the trail with you.

  2. Aaron: I’m very proud of you. This was an excellent piece of writing and thought. C.S. Lewis would be proud; it has that echo to me.

  3. Aaron, I was especially hit with “write down your inner thoughts” … I have struggled to journal my entire life, and yet I know the value … I need to take time and do it. Thanks for the prompting …

    1. Mark-as a thought, the pressure to journal I’ve found can be just that….pressure or another to-do. I’ve found if I even have a note pad (pocket size) near my desk or in my car, I can jot down ideas and thoughts. Sometimes it is just as simple as “write Mark thank you note”. Sometimes its two sentences. http://alturl.com/64c6f Here is the book I use. Good luck.

  4. The first thing I have to change…is my heart….when I get my heart in alignment…I can keep on the journey and change the world. Thank you, Aaron, for this post. No more hiding in the shadows. Time to get my sparkle on.

    1. Allison-I love what you’ve done…leaving your Real Estate gig (accomplishments and all) to make your own path. Scary, brave, adventurous -while changing the world with you own special sauce. You’ve got great sparkle. Thanks for your encouragement. and RT.

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