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Why I Took a Break From Podcasting

Aaron McHugh

I told a friend how I unplugged from producing my podcast earlier this summer. He’s in the publishing world, and he understands how difficult it is to build an audience and keep people’s attention.

The advertised best practice is to continue doing what is working. I’ve spent the last six years turning out new podcast episodes every month, and I’d grown it to 8,000–10,000+ downloads per month.

He used a term that summarizes why I needed a break from podcasting, “Fallow ground”

“…some farmers and gardeners let their land go fallow – or unplanted – so that the soil’s natural nutrient balance can be restored…it became more and more unpopular to leave land fallow and unproductive in Western societies. The production won out over soil health. ” Timothy Baron Hunker.com

To leave the land unproductive yes that’s why I took a break. I know that the podcasting world might say it’s crazy to walk away and intentionally leave my land fallow.

Is it possible that the health of my soil is more important than production?

My favorite wisdom literature says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” I choose to believe that ancient wisdom can help guide us through our present day culture. Land replenishes when you give it a break. The laws of our universe eventually apply to us also.

I’m excited to see what grows in my soil after “the soil’s natural nutrient balance can be restored.”

What fields in your life could use some rest?

Where are you demanding production as the priority over health?

If you choose unproductive for a season, what good things can grow later?

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