Why Shouldn’t It Be You?

Aaron McHugh

Kelly Slater-Surfing Legend
Kelly Slater-Surfing Legend

Someone is going to

  • Win a Grammy
  • Start a women’s movement
  • Raise ten million dollars
  • Ring the opening bell for trading at the London Stock Exchange
  • Move to Hawaii
  • Write a New York Times best seller
  • Win the Boston Marathon
  • Live to be 110 years old
  • Set the world record for eating the most goldfish
  • Ride across America on a bicycle raising money for an orphanage in Haiti
  • Meet the President of the United States
  • Open up for the Dave Matthews Band
  • Displace Intel as the world’s largest server chip manufacturer
  • Remarry after the tragic loss of a spouse
  • Discover the cure to cancer
  • Eject from status quo and take the kids on a year long tour of the United States in an RV
  • Be the boss
  • Meet “the Boss”
  • Run a 5K for the first time
  • Receive needed forgiveness
  • Speak in front on 5000 people
  • Take a year off work to travel
  • Lower cholesterol by 50 points
  • Become a father
  • Pay off a mortgage
  • Raise $25M but only selling 25% of the company
  • Go surfing with Kelly Slater
  • Quit a job without having a job because its the right thing to do
  • Leave an abusive relationship
  • Write a blog that is read by 200,000 people
  • Create the next Sundance Film festival winner
  • Write songs for a living while commuting back and forth from NYC and Nashville
  • Qualify for Ironman Hawaii
  • Be voted Denver’s most innovative architect

Why shouldn’t it be you?

We often tell ourselves “it will never happened to me”.

When we entertain that type of thinking then we preclude ourselves from the possibility that the unlikely will ever happen to us.

Someone is going to accomplish each of these items on this list.

Why shouldn’t it be you?  Why can’t it be you?

What would be on your list if you dared to engage it?

I know it can be done, as many of these are not examples, they are real people’s lives.

Why shouldn’t it be you?

3 thoughts on “Why Shouldn’t It Be You?

  1. So funny you mention moving to Hawaii… My consulting activity has exploded on Oaho, and I’m currently listening/praying as to if we’re supposed to move here !

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