Why We Should Ask For Help Episode #143

Aaron McHugh


I find asking for help to be difficult. The truth is I don’t like to ask for help. I’d prefer to do things on my own, to grit it out, use endurance and perseverance to push through.

In this episode, I share a compelling story of how I learned why we should ask for help. I found myself in a maze that I was unable to escape and asking for HELP turned out to be the secret for escape. I could use your help in a couple of specific ways.

My website and email list for Work Life Play have both been hacked over this past year. You probably didn’t even know that case in point. As an exercise in humility and as a practitioner of this idea, I would like to ask for your help in helping me regain some of what was lost.

I Need Your Help

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Keep going,

Aaron McHugh

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