Why We Should Avoid the Sea of Same?

Aaron McHugh

Photo by Neals pics (creative commons)
Photo by Neals pics (creative commons)

Being the same is easier than creating something unique.

Being the same is less risky than paddling out away from the sharks to see what the blue ocean holds.

Being the same is safer because you know people will buy your (fill in the blank).

Be a heretic instead.

Don’t succumb to copying the guy next to you.

Find your voice.

Find your story.

Create your own special sauce recipe.

The risk is that you may actually create something of lasting value.

The Sea of Same as my friend Mike Field calls it is filled with microscopic differences from one offer to the next.

Don’t be like them.

You’re better than that.

2 thoughts on “Why We Should Avoid the Sea of Same?

  1. Great message. I love that… Sea of Same! I’ve recently been thrown into the traditional medical system and fear falling prey to a downward spiral of being forever shackled to Big Medicine, Big Pharma, Insurance Hell. It’s hard to think clearly when you’re afraid and traditional wisdom has a set protocol of tests and procedures for the rest of your life as opposed to trusting in your body and in God as the ultimate caretaker. I’m glad these messages of being non-traditional and having a believe in something bigger have permeated our lives for enough time now for us to resist the Sea of Same.

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