7 Reasons Why You Should Bet on Yourself?

Aaron McHugh

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Warren Buffett said
Invest in what you know.  

Buffett may have been speaking about investing money in markets that you know or understand.

The principle is the same for your career.

Bet on yourself.

What other investment do you know of that has as high a rate of return as investing in you?

Answer- None. 

You are the best investment there is.


I am speaking to the deepest part of you,

that inner voice that knows a bet on you is better than

the wagon that you are currently hitched to.

  1. You are more powerful than you believe.
  2. You are more influential than you think.
  3. Invest a dollar, an hour, an ounce of emotional energy in yourself.
  4. You will never loose.
  5. Markets are volatile.  You are steady.
  6. Money is fleeting.  You are constant.
  7. Risk equals reward and sometimes just a good story.

8 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Bet on Yourself?

  1. I have to agree…”sometimes just a good story” is still a great payoff for the investment. What a great, simple new twist on that thought. Thanks Aaron!

    1. Greg-once I accepted a job at a startup and had 50K shares of stock. They amounted to zero $ but I really learned a lot. I left a steady and predictable career to go for a better story. Good luck on your journey.

  2. AMEN Brother! I am my best bet but I would also bet on you Aaron. I placed a bet last January on you and I would place that bet again. Thanks for the reminders.

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