Michael Hyatt

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Writing a blog

Writing a blog will change your life. Here is my list on why you should write a blog. 1) Pick yourself Why wait to be noticed, chosen, picked, plucked, watched, captured or picked up? Instead go for broke. They are tough odds to attempt to gain attention from people when they have 160 million other […]

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Jon and Seth

Anyone that is attempting to produce something to be shared with the world there is a question that has to be answered. Which part of me am I going to offer? The Crux Questions 1)  Are you going to spend time producing content or creating (insert your Art) that I think the world will like? 2) […]

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Category: Social Media
photo Montana State University Library

Today’s Social Media era reminds me of an old western film. Like one of the classic John Wayne cowboy films. The dusty little towns are booming with new enterprise and Pioneers are always risking their life savings in hope of a better life. Like in those old depictions of the Wild West, the new Frontier […]

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Guy Kawasaki

Have you ever shipped a new blog, software version, music track, speech, design, (your art) knowing it wasn’t perfect and you sent it anyway? Like you, I am an artist, an innovator constantly fielding new ideas and rumblings. That means there is always another idea waiting for me after I ship this one. Let’s explore […]

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Category: Social Media
Photo by Zee

You shouldn’t base your future success on the number of Facebook likes you have. A retweet is not a success.  Nor is the number of empty followers you have collected in trade for shallow allegiance. You need more than this to be sustainable. Social Media has a catch. Yes Social Media has changed the opportunity […]

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