How to Love People, Pick Yourself and Watch Less TV

Aaron McHugh

Writing a blog
Writing on the plane  

Writing a blog will change your life.

Here is my list on why you should write a blog.

1) Pick yourself

Why wait to be noticed, chosen, picked, plucked, watched, captured or picked up?

Instead go for broke.

They are tough odds to attempt to gain attention from people when they have 160 million other blogs to choose from.

My theory is it might as well be you that get’s picked.  Start with picking yourself.

2) You’ll watch less television

I am all for mindless moments of life, yet I can only do so much of it.  Writing a blog will reduce your television vegetative state.  When you download the calendar scheduler for WordPress you will quickly feel the Type A responsibility to not be a slacker and get working on your next post.

3) You’ll meet people you would never meet

I love meeting new people.  It is absolutely amazing who you will meet, the context in which you will meet them and how you will mutually help each other.

Check out our friends Carter and Brooke who just got engaged.  His whole engagement video was shot with a guy who he met on Instagram.  People they met through Instagram hosted an engagement party for them in Portland OR.

This video is their story.

Their video was recently featured on the worldwide Instagram community.

Yes I know she is pretty.

CARTER AND BROOKE // THE ENGAGEMENT from Colin Cabalka on Vimeo.

4) You never know where it will lead you

I’ve been hired for consulting gigs, had people stop me at dinner parties, my seventeen year old son thinks I am fairly cool and the future feels brighter.
All because I risk putting words and ideas onto this digital page.

Doing nothing new today will provide you a 100% guarantee that nothing new will happen.

Start risking today and you’ll be surprised how many things you’d think would fail just might work.

You won’t believe who will say “Yes” if you just ask.

Adventure is around the next corner.

Here is a quick list of some of the massively interesting people I have met because of this blog:

Jeff Goins blogs @Goinswriter

Srinivas Rao blogs @ The Skool of Life

Jeremy Stratton blogs @Living Better Stories

Todd Henry blogs @The Accidental Creative

5) You will live with more hope in humanity

People are inherently good, yet any trip to the grocery store or a nasty conference call with a belligerent customer might lead you to believe otherwise.  Writing a blog can evoke other people to share their stories with you.  You will be encouraged by their stories, their dreams and their cool projects.

Today, I had a great conversation with a guy who was sharing my eBook with his fellow co-workers.  They are in the middle of a corporate restructuring and instead of feeling helpless he was offering them encouragement, “You ought to read this”.

Ready to get started?

How to setup a blog in 20 minutes or less-Michael Hyatt’s instructions.

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