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Jia Jiang Tedx Austin

Rejection.  No one likes it. No one craves it. No one is immune to its effects. Through pain avoidance, we tend to steer clear of any potential circumstance that we anticipate hearing the word “NO”.  The problem with rejection is that it can leave us paralyzed and immobilized for the future. Here is the key […]

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Most people sign an unwritten contract every day. We trade a paycheck for predictability. Does your arrangement go something like this? Boss, you give me a predictable every-two-week paycheck, health insurance, projects to work on, lunch breaks, and a Christmas party, and I’ll give you my will, my dignity, my freedom of choice, my security, my sleep, and […]

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It was very common for our grandparents to find a good company and hitch their wagon to it for the next thirty years. In the post-depression and post-WWII era, finding predictable work was a blessing. If you were able to work for a company like Ford Motor Company, then you were enrolled in their retirement […]

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Indentured Servant-NO

In medieval times, indentured servants worked the land of a king for a fixed number of years until their debt was paid in full. The king owned the field, the crop and the harvest yield. He got rich, he ate and drank as much as he liked, and the servants learned to live on the crumbs from his […]

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Madness or Brilliance?

Do you remember watching the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire ? Remember Tom Cruise playing the slick sports agent whose career implodes in a single afternoon? In the first three minutes of the movie we get the Cliffs Notes of his life. He has spent years working for the most successful sports management company of his day. […]

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In this podcast I provide some of the back story to writing my recently released ebook, Don’t Quit Your Job. Fire Your Boss. I started writing it over the course of last year.  I underestimated the amount of time and energy it would take. I understand now why writers say that once they are finished […]

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Download Your FREE copy

This is an invitation to unravel what the world has taught you. Early praise for free eBook “This absolutely beautiful book is a true whack of the truth on the side of your career.” Seth Godin, Author The Icarus Deception “I loved this book. Reader beware: this book will call you out and into your best work.” Jeff Goins, Author, Wrecked “This brave […]

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Nilofer Merchant @ TED

You know those really cool NPR interviews that you listen to where there is hustle and bustle in the background? The one’s where they interview some guy in a subway about economics in Greece? I’m proud to say that Nilofer Merchant and I ended up with a cool NPR vibe in this podcast. We had […]

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Photo provided by Medicine Ball

In today’s episode you will hear from Paul Farmiga, Bill Self and Jim Fitzpatrick. Each were members of last year’s Medicine Ball three-day intensive with Seth Godin. You will enjoy hearing about how their thinking was re-shaped and how that has woven into their careers these last twelve months. Special thanks to Justin Lukasavige for […]

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Silk Screen-MField Art

I have a fierce commitment to the belief that our Work is our Art. What we do and most especially how we do it can either be stiff robotic toil or deeply human and poetic. By pouring our heart, soul and passion into our Work it becomes Art. Your not an Artist if… Sadly, Work […]

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