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Most people sign an unwritten contract every day. We trade a paycheck for predictability. Does your arrangement go something like this? Boss, you give me a predictable every-two-week paycheck, health insurance, projects to work on, lunch breaks, and a Christmas party, and I’ll give you my will, my dignity, my freedom of choice, my security, my sleep, and […]

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It was very common for our grandparents to find a good company and hitch their wagon to it for the next thirty years. In the post-depression and post-WWII era, finding predictable work was a blessing. If you were able to work for a company like Ford Motor Company, then you were enrolled in their retirement […]

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Indentured Servant-NO

In medieval times, indentured servants worked the land of a king for a fixed number of years until their debt was paid in full. The king owned the field, the crop and the harvest yield. He got rich, he ate and drank as much as he liked, and the servants learned to live on the crumbs from his […]

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bringing big ideas to light

Subscribe in iTunes 1200 entrepreneurs later the survey says…. According to Mario Schultzke, German immigrant turned entrepreneur and founder of IdeaMensch, in interviewing over 1200 entrepreneurs from across the globe there are a few essential keys to success for every entrepreneur trying to start something: You have to be all in. No one cares about […]

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Malcolm Gladwell

Accelerated success Have you read Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell? Malcolm’s research he found that by spending 10,000 hours in your craft, art, sport, profession or skill that investment can be a significant accelerator for success. Translated that is equivalent to five years of a full-time forty hour work week. We tend to say an Athlete or Artist or […]

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Bluff Works

What is the Magic to raising $128K on Kickstarter? How do you raise $100K on Kickstarter? What are the key ingredients for success on Kickstarter?  Make sure you don’t do……? Have you considered starting your own campaign to fuel your entrepreneurial idea? Before you do, you should listen to Stefan Loble, founder of Bluff Works, tell […]

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Guy Kawasaki

Have you ever shipped a new blog, software version, music track, speech, design, (your art) knowing it wasn’t perfect and you sent it anyway? Like you, I am an artist, an innovator constantly fielding new ideas and rumblings. That means there is always another idea waiting for me after I ship this one. Let’s explore […]

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