Do You Feel Like You Are Playing for the Farm Team?

Aaron McHugh

Photo by Steve Given (Creative Commons)

Your career can feel like Farm Team baseball.

Farm team baseball feeds the Major League teams with the rising cream of the crop.  Once recruited, young talent starts proving and validating what the scout witnessed during try outs:  fielding grounders, throwing heat, and smashing home runs.

It’s the turf where some of the young recruits morph into MLB players.

Playing for the farm team advances each players probability to get the call to “The Show”.  Every farm team player wants to play in the major leagues and the farm team is a necessary season in the career of most ball players.  Some guys only spend a few weeks or months playing the circuit of small market towns like Omaha, NE.

Some players are unable to break through the talent pool requirements and end up stuck on the farm team for their career.  For every season a player spends on the farm team, his dream of playing in the big leagues becomes less likely.

Why do you care?  You don’t even like baseball?

Many of us feel like we are playing on the farm team today.

Your current career, company, position, accomplishments, compensation, and level of influence feel drastically different from your original dreams.

Recall for a minute where you thought you’d be?

What you thought you’d be doing?

Who you thought you’d be doing it for or with?

As a result you feel stuck playing minor league ball when you
know you were made for the Major Leagues.

You are right.  But that isn’t the whole story.

Interview CEO’s and ask

Did you know that if you started interviewing CEO’s, writers, directors, founders, owners, presidents, artists, (insert your example) that you look up to as Major League players you would encounter that they also feel some of these same sentiments?

Try it. You’ll be surprised at what you hear.

The difference between baseball and your life is that you have a choice to change it.

You are not as stuck as you think.

First, stop waiting for the call from the major leagues.

The cyclical cycle of anticipation and disappointment is not working.

Instead start your own team.

Stop playing ball by someone else’s rules.  You don’t believe me?  Buckle up……

Meet Jack @thegoodrun

NYC Digital Media guru by day and legendary musician by night and weekend @jackopierce.  Ask him if it’s exactly as he envisioned?

Meet Barry @Calxeda

Intel for twelve years thought cell phone chips should run rack servers instead.

Ask him how long he played for the farm team before he quit and started his own team?

Meet Jon @jondale

Ad-hoc consulting for years.  Quit and went and got an MBA from Seth Godin and launched Moolala.  Ask him how many farm team practices he feels like he’s attended?

Meet Matt 

Creating AutoCAD drawings of libraries in strip malls.
Quit and now decorates the downtown Denver downtown skyline with modern architecture.
Ask him how tall or unique a building he will need to design to feel he’s made it to “the show”?

The difference between playing on the farm team and major leagues is all in your head.

Welcome to the Show. You made it. Watch the Rookie Trailer.

What can you change in your thinking today?  

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