Reboot Your Life Recap Episode #135

Aaron McHugh


I wanted to give you a Reboot Your Life recap from our live experiential event a week ago. I think the best way to start is to share a few quotes from Rebooters,

“The world needs to hear this.”

“Excursions were amazing & life-giving!”

“Reboot changed my life. I’m leaving with a whole new perspective on life and how I need to change it.”

“Reboot was awesome to step away from the insanity of our lives for a bit and reflect upon the life we want to craft.”

It is a big deal for people to brave change, even the idea of change scares a lot of people. The beauty of the Reboot experience is that you get to define your version of a well-lived life.

Reboot Your Life Map-Where are you headed?

Here are some of the big questions we tackled

-What makes you come alive?

-When you were eight years old, what did you do for fun?

-What is the story you tell yourself every day?

-What do you value most in life? Money? Freedom? Relationships?

-Where in your life do you feel stuck in a rut?

-How sustainable is your current life right now?

-Which relationships in your life are life-giving? Which relationships suck life away from you?

Live discussions about managing our emotional calories of nutrient inputs and energy expenditures.

Reinstall new narratives

Here’s the thing: these questions make a difference in how we live our lives and the decisions we make every day. People often want to fix their job or fix a strained relationship. The challenge is there is usually more at work within the story than just the job or a relationship.

We engage our life, our work, and our relationships with beliefs and behaviors that drive our actions. During Reboot, we take a peek under the hood and investigate why we might be misfiring in life; we find narratives we’ve adopted like “I have to keep it together for everyone” or “I don’t let myself dream anymore because I don’t want to be disappointed.”

Reboot Arcade adventure excursion

Here’s what’s cool, together we get to reinstall new narratives like, “I plan to architect a sustainable life” or “I want to give myself grace and realize I am not failing, not obligated, I have choices”.

Post Reboot, plot those shifts in perspective onto a life trajectory map and our new friends are discovering a more fulfilling and satisfying life path-a life they are stoked to live.

Evaluating why we do what we do. Getting clear on what we value most helps drive more clarity in our actions.

Coming soon

We recorded the Reboot weekend, and we will be releasing Reboot Live in audio form in the coming weeks. If you’d be interested in getting a copy click here.

Have you started the 7 Practical Steps to Restoring Balance yet? I’d love to hear how it goes!

Your life matters.

Show up and make it count,

-ADM and Reboot Team

Click here for more info on Reboot. Click here to stay updated on RYL events.

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