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The Empowerment of Choice

Aaron McHugh

I’m a coffee snob. I prefer dark, black, strong coffee over office or hotel coffee. After I fired my boss, I gave myself smoke breaks, but I’m not a smoker. Instead, I’d fire up my backpacking stove in the trunk of my car and boil a mug of hot water to make a fresh cup of coffee.

No one gave me permission. No one said I couldn’t make coffee in the office parking lot.

Empowerment comes in the subtle edges of choice.

Today, I heard from a friend who caught a few waves in the Pacific after he dropped off his wife and daughter at the airport. He said, “I’m trying to catch small glimpses of joy in the middle of the day and not trying to make it last forever.”

Our Work, our life, our relationships, our play transform when we catch a small glimpse of the available joy amidst our challenges, our chaos, our limitations and our choices.

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