Your Boss, Your Biggest Customer & Your Future

Aaron McHugh

Your Boss

If you believe that your boss, your factory, your pension, or your biggest customer is your only hope for a prosperous tomorrow, then you will do anything to protect those eggs in that lone basket.

You will resign your will, your opinions, your creativity and your passion in trade for self-preservation.

The more you feel like a victim who is subject to the whims of the company or the policies of leadership, the more you feel like a slave to your mortgage payment, the more you will shrink back and keep signing the unwritten contract.

Two choices will always remain:

  1. How will you choose to respond?
  2. How will you choose to interpret your experiences?

You have the power to transform your workplace experience solely based on your interpretations and reactions. Tomorrow, when you return to your office, you can have a brand new job and a new arrangement for your future. But only if you are willing to recalibrate what you believe.

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