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What's to Do When It's Your Turn by Seth Godin

I recently had the privilege of connecting with Seth Godin on his latest project. You will not encounter a more generous man. You’ve heard the phrase “He struck a chord in me.” I like the way a friend of mine says it better, “You’re playing my note.” When Seth “plays my note,” here are a […]

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Photo Courtesy BPONG.com

Now I’ve found the secret to becoming the parent I wish I was: Beer Pong. I’m being serious. My wife and I once went to a Christmas party where the awesome host set up two Beer Pong tables in their garage. We spent the better part of their entire party out in the chilly garage with our winter […]

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Mike Reilly Calling the last guy in IRONMAN

Rarely do four words spoken by a stranger change your life forever. In June 2005, a man I had never met put an exclamation point on my life that I desperately needed. He said over the loudspeaker “Aaron McHugh YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” as I crossed the finish line at IRONMAN Coure D’Alene. Nine years later, […]

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Before you turn around ask yourself a few questions

“You’ve never quit anything before.” Those are the words my brother-in-law Timothy said to me that stopped me in my tracks while hiking the Boulder Flatirons. He said it as a complimentary claim about me and added a question mark at the end to confirm he was right in his assessment. It’s not entirely true, but […]

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No Caption Required

Jockstraps. That was my level of desperation. It was 1999 and I needed to close a deal. It was a sales deal and I was working for an Internet startup. I sent jock straps mounted to whiteboards to five executives at a sports marketing company. Strategically attached to each crotch was my company’s logo with a succinct […]

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Every Picture Has a Story

The way I put it to my friends There are two versions of every story. The one you tell on Facebook or at a cocktail party, and the one you only tell your closest friends.  For sake of invitation and encouragement, I’m going to risk telling you both versions of three stories. I’m trusting that […]

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Photograph by David Leathborough

I’ve always believed that one of the careers that deserved coveting must be Adventure Journalism. When I open up my Outside Magazine, National Geographic Adventure (now out of business), Backpacker, or Climbing I lap up the imagery and stories of far away lands. One of them stood out more than usual Will Paddle For Whiskey, by […]

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Laguna Beach photography by Gabe Sullivan

I never set out to write a blog. I told myself, that’s the last thing the world needs, another guy with an opinion.  This month marks my three-year anniversary of this accidental creation, Work. Life. Play Blog/Podcast. I’ve learned that my voice is best inserted @ the intersections and crossroads of all three.  My hope is that I […]

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Six to Ten hours a week I chose this.

This is a post about choices. I need to first set the scene so that you can understand how I discovered this nugget of truth. Yesterday I rode (cycled) 120 miles in preparation for an upcoming race. Five weeks from today, I am competing in my second IRONMAN Triathlon. The IRONMAN  was originally cooked up by […]

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Thule Crossover backpack will swallow anything you insert

I travel a lot. So much so that I try to not think too much about it and count how many days I spend away from home.  I’m going to download this list of what I consider to be key “must have’s” on any travel.  Whenever you travel away from home for business or pleasure, […]

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