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Onsite Workshops outside of Nashville, TN

#31 How to Become Emotionally Fit with Miles Adcox, CEO of Onsite [Podcast] Would it be OK with you if I start this blog post with a vulnerable admission? I’m pretending to myself that each of you just graciously said, “Of course, Aaron.” I’m nervous to write to you about today’s podcast because it is […]

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My brother and I paddling in Scotland

Chasing Adventure Sea Kayaking in Scotland In this podcast you will hear a series of NPR like recordings captured while chasing adventure sea kayaking with my brother near Oban, Scotland. Listen to the story that gave us the original inspiration Paddle For Whiskey Podcast. I love Adventure. Let me say that again, I have a love affair with […]

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Carl Richards The One Page Financial Plan

Carl Richards Interview Carl Richards is a certified financial planner and a New York Times Columnist best known as The Sketch Guy. Carl writes financial books, speaks all across the globe and is widely known for his sketches. Carl’s differentiator is his black sharpie marker used to decode the seemingly impossible world of financial advice. He evangelizes […]

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Tripp Crosby: A Conference Call in Real Life

Tripp Crosby Interview: A Conference Call in Real Life I first came across comedian and director Tripp Crosby’s work from his YouTube sketch titled A Conference Call in Real Life. Conference calls are a very relatable topic for most working professionals. Have you ever read those statistics about how many years we spend of our lives sitting in traffic? […]

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Me Unwinding in the Aloha

Podcast Highlights: #27 Why We Need Two-Week Vacations [Podcast] In the spirit of being brief, these are the cliff notes to the 30 Minute podcast. Americans do not take two-week vacations. We have a long list of reasons why we only take one-week breaks from our real life. Organizational culture, the volume of work, and […]

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What's to Do When It's Your Turn by Seth Godin

Interview with Seth Godin I recently had the privilege of connecting with Seth Godin on his latest project, What to Do When It’s Your Turn. You will not encounter a more generous man. You’ve heard the phrase “He struck a chord in me.” I like the way a friend of mine says it better, “You’re […]

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Photo Courtesy BPONG.com

How Beer Pong Made Me a Better Parent Now I’ve found the secret to becoming the parent I wish I was: Beer Pong. I’m being serious. Before I get started let me educate you on What is Beer Pong? A drinking game in which players attempt to throw or hit table tennis balls into cups […]

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Mike Reilly Calling the last guy in IRONMAN

Interview with Mike Reilly The Voice of IRONMAN Mike Reilly has been the official voice of IRONMAN Triathlon for the past twenty-six years. In this powerful interview, Mike tells the stories of why every IRONMAN event is a life changing event for everyone involved. Mike is spirited, genuine, deeply committed and the guy you want […]

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Before you turn around ask yourself a few questions

“You’ve never quit anything before.” Those are the words my brother-in-law Timothy said to me that stopped me in my tracks while hiking the Boulder Flatirons. He said it as a complimentary claim about me and added a question mark at the end to confirm he was right in his assessment. It’s not entirely true, but […]

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No Caption Required

Jockstraps. That was my level of desperation. It was 1999 and I needed to close a deal. It was a sales deal and I was working for an Internet startup. I sent jock straps mounted to whiteboards to five executives at a sports marketing company. Strategically attached to each crotch was my company’s logo with a succinct […]

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