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Nilofer Merchant-The Jane Bond of Innovation

I had a recent interaction with my friend and fellow Seth Godin Medicine Baller, @Nilofer. She writes for the Harvard Business Review and recently wrote about Rules For the Social Era (#SocialEra). Big Brands Don’t Always Get It In this article she talks us through the dichotomy of choices that the big brands of our lives are making. […]

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Run the Rock-Photo by Anders Carlson

You’ve read and heard that proverb all your life, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But we don’t believe it.  If we did we would not live like we do. Play to some seems like one of those words that disappeared with hopscotch, GI Joe action figures and tree houses. I meet a lot of people […]

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Bluff Works

What is the Magic to raising $128K on Kickstarter? How do you raise $100K on Kickstarter? What are the key ingredients for success on Kickstarter?  Make sure you don’t do……? Have you considered starting your own campaign to fuel your entrepreneurial idea? Before you do, you should listen to Stefan Loble, founder of Bluff Works, tell […]

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Jeff Goins-Wrecked

*Update 11/10/12 there have been almost 3000 downloads from 69 countries of this podcast.   Show highlights (provided by Jeff) Here are some of the highlights from the show: How I found and developed my writing voice What it takes to connect with influential people online When I stopped acting the amateur and finally turned pro […]

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  How many passwords do try to remember each day? How many ways have you tried to manage them? The madness can be managed better through software than by using your memory, sticky notes, or excel files. LastPass is my preferred freemium software solution. Allow me to give you a tour of this better option. […]

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fuel delivery towing baltimore

I’ve worked in the gasoline pricing industry now for almost eight years. I’ve spent years helping corporations gain more control over their gas prices. When you fill your car up with your eighteen gallons and pay $3.99 a gallon it feels like a rip off right? And the guy who owns the station must be […]

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Photo by (Creative Commons) Alejandro.An

Sustainability Sustainability is still determined by the quality of your product and team of people behind your product. Regardless of how cool a new tool your competitor is using. Regular advancements over time matter more than big gains occasionally.  Click to Tweet. Leadership Leadership still wins over gimmicks, promotions, incentives and buzz. Regardless of how much money […]

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Photo  by justinjagged

How much time do you spend thinking about why you shouldn’t start creating something new instead of just doing it? How many statements of disqualification do you listen to everyday? Do you ever hear questions in your head like these? The truth is I hear this list a lot. And I even yield to its taunting voice. […]

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Category: Relationships

I had a conversation that went something like this.  I am fine with Win/Win.  I just want to win more. What’s your reaction to that statement? Are you cheering him on with agreement? Are you wincing with disgust? Is it possible to be committed to a Win/Win strategy during a negotiation and simultaneously maintain a […]

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Category: Why you should keep going?
Anything You Want

“Success comes from persistently improving and inventing.  Not persistently doing what is not working.” Derek Sivers Failure is not trying. We cannot control results and outcomes. We can control our lizard brain that tells us to do what is safe and risk nothing. Changing nothing will limit our success more than “persistently doing what is […]

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