Portuguese Colonial Masters

I first heard of this contrast between a Mercenary and a Missionary from Mike Rowe-Dirty Jobs .  I find it fascinating. Mercenary-Paid to fight, without the requirement of involving their heart. Missionary-Making a difference that flows from their heart and beliefs. These are over simplifications but let’s start here. A Mercenary is compensated for a battle […]

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Category: Social Media
photo Montana State University Library

Today’s Social Media era reminds me of an old western film. Like one of the classic John Wayne cowboy films. The dusty little towns are booming with new enterprise and Pioneers are always risking their life savings in hope of a better life. Like in those old depictions of the Wild West, the new Frontier […]

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photo by ashokboghani

Have you ever stood on a precipice? In the high mountains of Colorado you can find them. They can be very steep, rocky, catwalks across the sky.  On one side the ledge gives way to a thousand foot drop over a series of connected troughs and boulders. On the other side, a sheer drop hundreds […]

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Guy Kawasaki

Have you ever shipped a new blog, software version, music track, speech, design, (your art) knowing it wasn’t perfect and you sent it anyway? Like you, I am an artist, an innovator constantly fielding new ideas and rumblings. That means there is always another idea waiting for me after I ship this one. Let’s explore […]

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Category: Life

Our mind holds power for our future. In our daily thinking reside our success, adventure, happiness, peace, innovation and hope. In tandem, our mind can perceive or conceive of loneliness, anger, boredom, apathy and victimization. Louis Zamperini -age 96, WWII Prisoner of War survivor is an example to be studied. His story is being featured in an […]

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Category: Life
by Ryan Vaarsi (Creative Commons)

I turned 40 a few months back. We lost a child eighteen months ago. And the clock keeps ticking. I just read about the shooting in Aurora, CO 60 miles up the road from us. For some the world stopped.  For the rest of us it keeps turning. What will our dent be? How will […]

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Category: Life, Social Media, Work

How do you determine which story you want to tell?    On which channel(s)?  To which audience(s)?   I’ve found if you ask ten people, you will receive ten different answers. Here are the key questions that I started with and continue to revisit. Where do I want to tell my professional Story?  Personal Story? […]

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Gallup Study: Engaged Employees Inspire Company Innovation

Asking yourself this question is very enlightening. Here is a quick back of the napkin assessment: A Not-Engaged Team might look like: If you stood in the exit doorway at 5:00 pm would you be run over by the stampede of people leaving? Do you hear people say “I don’t know anything about that you’ll […]

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Photo by Padsbrother (Creative Commons)

Have you ever stopped to plot where you are on the continuum of the Law of 10,000 Hours? Where are you in time, experience and performance? Are you at the beginning?  Are you in the middle or are you approaching arrival? Are we willing to put in the “Junk Miles” to get there? I have considered three categories of my […]

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Category: Why you should keep going?, Work
Art- Photo by Benkay Creative Commons

Take your time assessing what you created. Take your time explaining the beauty of your art, so we can absorb the magnitude of your creation. Your photograph, your book, your painting, your company, the album you just finished, the car you restored, or the software release you just finished. Don’t just move on to the […]

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