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fuel delivery towing baltimore

I’ve worked in the gasoline pricing industry now for almost eight years. I’ve spent years helping corporations gain more control over their gas prices. When you fill your car up with your eighteen gallons and pay $3.99 a gallon it feels like a rip off right? And the guy who owns the station must be […]

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Photo by (Creative Commons) Alejandro.An

Sustainability Sustainability is still determined by the quality of your product and team of people behind your product. Regardless of how cool a new tool your competitor is using. Regular advancements over time matter more than big gains occasionally.  Click to Tweet. Leadership Leadership still wins over gimmicks, promotions, incentives and buzz. Regardless of how much money […]

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How much time do you spend thinking about why you shouldn’t start creating something new instead of just doing it? How many statements of disqualification do you listen to everyday? Do you ever hear questions in your head like these? The truth is I hear this list a lot. And I even yield to its taunting voice. […]

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I had a conversation that went something like this.  I am fine with Win/Win.  I just want to win more. What’s your reaction to that statement? Are you cheering him on with agreement? Are you wincing with disgust? Is it possible to be committed to a Win/Win strategy during a negotiation and simultaneously maintain a […]

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Category: Why you should keep going?
Anything You Want

“Success comes from persistently improving and inventing.  Not persistently doing what is not working.” Derek Sivers Failure is not trying. We cannot control results and outcomes. We can control our lizard brain that tells us to do what is safe and risk nothing. Changing nothing will limit our success more than “persistently doing what is […]

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Photo by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML

Art is usually classified as a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, a photograph, a song, etc. Some might say, “The kinds of things you could find in a museum, that’s art”. And an expanded interpretation of Art should include the way in which we each alter and influence the world we live in. The smallest […]

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Pole Jump -Pristine Phoenix's

Hire yourself today for the critical role of Director of Success and Happiness for your life. Success and happiness are so often a choice. It is easy for each of us to get stuck and end up with neither. Or we adopt a belief system that defers responsibility and ownership to others. When I chose […]

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Twitter can get us up close with the pros that we follow. If you use Twitter correctly you can have personal interactions with athletes, authors, musicians, and speakers, etc.  Let me show you how. Have you ever watched the Hawaii Ironman on TV?  It’s nuts right? Swim 2.4 miles in the ocean, bike 112 along […]

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Portuguese Colonial Masters

I first heard of this contrast between a Mercenary and a Missionary from Mike Rowe-Dirty Jobs .  I find it fascinating. Mercenary-Paid to fight, without the requirement of involving their heart. Missionary-Making a difference that flows from their heart and beliefs. These are over simplifications but let’s start here. A Mercenary is compensated for a battle […]

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photo Montana State University Library

Today’s Social Media era reminds me of an old western film. Like one of the classic John Wayne cowboy films. The dusty little towns are booming with new enterprise and Pioneers are always risking their life savings in hope of a better life. Like in those old depictions of the Wild West, the new Frontier […]

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