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Kelly Slater

Someone is going to Win a Grammy Start a women’s movement Raise ten million dollars Ring the opening bell for trading at the London Stock Exchange Move to Hawaii Write a New York Times best seller Win the Boston Marathon Live to be 110 years old Set the world record for eating the most goldfish […]

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Oral B Floss

It’s easy to tell ourselves If I only I had more time then I would (fill in the blank) Balance my checkbook Stretch my back Clean out the garage Floss my teeth Today, we woke up with an extra hour in the bank (here in the US-daylight savings time change). So what did you do […]

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For some reason this podcast interview has tugged at my heart and my Lizard Brain resistance has delayed my publishing this episode. I guess the real truth for me is this interview hits very close to home and my own experiences with survival. I think I simply wanted to enjoy marinating in two of my […]

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whispy clouds canyonlands

I usually have an idea in my head or a concept that I am looking forward to unpacking with the keystrokes of my Mac. This time I don’t! At the moment my idea reservoir is about as dry as the Canyonlands of Utah. For today, my entry is to say that I have no big […]

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I was recently in London and came across this chalkboard at this outdoor pub.  It stopped me in my tracks, as they were inviting people to write for everyone to see what they most desire to do before they die. “Live Right” “Travel to ….” “Kiss …..” I immediately thought of Todd Henry’s new book, […]

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Dean Karnazes Profile 3 x 5

“I’d rather be doing what I love”. Kind, humble, all-inclusive, Dean Karnazes is more than a runner. He is an ambassador of passion. It’s important to hear that Dean’s mission is not to convert you to become a runner or attempt to run ridiculous amounts of miles. Instead Dean believes that his story should encourage […]

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Tess Vigeland-Remarkable and Brave

Tess Vigeland jumped without a net. She left a successful career in radio broadcasting without her next job lined up and stepped into the abyss of the unknown. Tess Vigeland is a veteran journalist, and a well-known voice to millions of American radio listeners. She is the CEO of Tess Vigeland Productions, a Los Angeles-based […]

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Most people sign an unwritten contract every day. We trade a paycheck for predictability. Does your arrangement go something like this? Boss, you give me a predictable every-two-week paycheck, health insurance, projects to work on, lunch breaks, and a Christmas party, and I’ll give you my will, my dignity, my freedom of choice, my security, my sleep, and […]

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The Path of Life by Joram68 (Creative Commons)

I was struck recently reading a new book realizing that really I am asking the same question every time I pick up a new title “How do I have better or more….. Health Sex Finances Success Relationships Career The truth is that the answers are relatively the same from book-to-book. The problem is that they […]

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Photo by ReneS (creative commons)

Most people rush past the final coat of polish. If you’re selling a product, a service, an idea or yourself then you might consider one more coat of polish before you ship. I am a big fan of Don’t Worry Be Crappy, courtesy of the Godfather Guy Kawasaki. I’m going to modify Guru Guy’s principle, […]

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