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Joy Inc-Book Cover

Podcast Highlights How Rich is bringing humanity back to business The winning strategy of hiring humans and not polished resume’s How the biggest risk Rich faced was doing the same thing The business value of Joy How to empower employees to become evangelists Why they don’t allow headphones or earbuds at work Click to Listen […]

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Scooter Hero's

Scooters in Denver I never play enough, but when I do it’s usually pretty sweet. The irony is that I love to talk about playing but I actually spend more time dreaming about it than actually doing it. Although my play plots low on the line graph for overall time spent each year, I’m told […]

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M Field center stage at Quicksilver launch

A lack of action guarantees 100% probability that absolutely nothing new has a chance of happening. None of us, not a single one of us, can predict what will or won’t happen tomorrow. You have to risk the next unknown step. No one knows if they’re going to become the next Steve Jobs ProBlogger TED […]

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Usain Bolt after loosing

You were out the gate and setting a blistering pace. The crowd was offering their cheers and accolades. Everyone believed you were going to do it this time. It looked like you were pulling out in front ahead of the rest. You were on pace to win It is easier to start than to finish. […]

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I wish this was the view from my office

When was the last time you got up from your desk and got outside for five minutes before the next meeting? Instead of checking one more email or returning one more phone call, I think you should stand up from your cubicle and go outside. In America we spend most of our time at work. […]

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Kelly Slater

Someone is going to Win a Grammy Start a women’s movement Raise ten million dollars Ring the opening bell for trading at the London Stock Exchange Move to Hawaii Write a New York Times best seller Win the Boston Marathon Live to be 110 years old Set the world record for eating the most goldfish […]

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Oral B Floss

It’s easy to tell ourselves If I only I had more time then I would (fill in the blank) Balance my checkbook Stretch my back Clean out the garage Floss my teeth Today, we woke up with an extra hour in the bank (here in the US-daylight savings time change). So what did you do […]

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For some reason this podcast interview has tugged at my heart and my Lizard Brain resistance has delayed my publishing this episode. I guess the real truth for me is this interview hits very close to home and my own experiences with survival. I think I simply wanted to enjoy marinating in two of my […]

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whispy clouds canyonlands

I usually have an idea in my head or a concept that I am looking forward to unpacking with the keystrokes of my Mac. This time I don’t! At the moment my idea reservoir is about as dry as the Canyonlands of Utah. For today, my entry is to say that I have no big […]

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I was recently in London and came across this chalkboard at this outdoor pub.  It stopped me in my tracks, as they were inviting people to write for everyone to see what they most desire to do before they die. “Live Right” “Travel to ….” “Kiss …..” I immediately thought of Todd Henry’s new book, […]

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