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M Field center stage at Quicksilver launch

A lack of action guarantees 100% probability that absolutely nothing new has a chance of happening. None of us, not a single one of us, can predict what will or won’t happen tomorrow. You have to risk the next unknown step. No one knows if they’re going to become the next Steve Jobs ProBlogger TED […]

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WORLD DOMINATION SUMMIT 2013 When I told Leith, my wife, about the event a few months ago her reaction was “What in the world is that?” It is an event focused on living a life you want to live vs. accidentally living a life you think you should. Chris Guillebeau author, world traveler, adventurer and […]

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I resign

In this digital age a black and white resume in Microsoft Word is an analog solution to explaining your career. A digital portfolio is the modern solution for career professionals who desire to distinguish themselves from the herd. With this approach I have been able to significantly improve my career options and increase my total […]

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In this podcast I provide some of the back story to writing my recently released ebook, Don’t Quit Your Job. Fire Your Boss. I started writing it over the course of last year.  I underestimated the amount of time and energy it would take. I understand now why writers say that once they are finished […]

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Download Your FREE copy

This is an invitation to unravel what the world has taught you. Early praise for free eBook “This absolutely beautiful book is a true whack of the truth on the side of your career.” Seth Godin, Author The Icarus Deception “I loved this book. Reader beware: this book will call you out and into your best work.” Jeff Goins, Author, Wrecked “This brave […]

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Jeff Goins-Wrecked

*Update 11/10/12 there have been almost 3000 downloads from 69 countries of this podcast.   Show highlights (provided by Jeff) Here are some of the highlights from the show: How I found and developed my writing voice What it takes to connect with influential people online When I stopped acting the amateur and finally turned pro […]

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How much time do you spend thinking about why you shouldn’t start creating something new instead of just doing it? How many statements of disqualification do you listen to everyday? Do you ever hear questions in your head like these? The truth is I hear this list a lot. And I even yield to its taunting voice. […]

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