Advice on Extending Your Summer Adventures

Aaron McHugh

Hey friends, I thought you’d enjoy some advice on how to maximize the rest of your summer.

If you’re in the city and have an hour to kill, rent a bike or a controversial electric scooter before they’re gone. No matter where you are, you can find a Stand Up Paddle board to rent.

If you’re dreaming about a road trip, buy a Wildsam City Guide. They just released Denver to add to their list: Austin, L.A., Charleston, Boston, Detroit, San Francisco, and more.

I’m buying this ultra-light headlamp by Petzl (only weighs 35 grams). Perfect for business travel microadventures. I made a joybucket to carry all my adventure gear in my car. Check out my gear list.

Mountain bike the cool of the Northern coast of California in the Redwoods above Santa Cruz.

When traveling for business, here’s how to cheat and sneak in a little play and adventure before and after work. I also put together a list of my favorite runs across the globe.

When I get home it’s always a bit of a buzz kill. Here’s some advice on how to live with a vacation mindset after the holiday is over. I discovered walking conference calls and I log around 1K miles each year while on the phone.

If you are stuck at home this summer and can’t travel, here’s my advice on how to discover fun in your backyard. If you want to be like Laird Hamilton, here’s a great adventure if you’re near the ocean or a deep pool.

Last July we discovered Penticton wine region in British Columbia. We lingered in orchards and found a lazy pace of life at the Joy Farm. If you love wine, but don’t want the crowds of Napa Valley, you’ll enjoy the affordable and intimate setting of this region.

Keep going friends and drink deep from life,


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